Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tokyo Otaku Mode Review

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be doing a two-in-one review for Tokyo Otaku Mode! ((AKA I will be reviewing two orders I did through Tokyo Otaku Mode~~))

I made both orders on the same day, June 4, but one of the items I ordered was a pre-order so it was not shipped until later~ My first package was shipped June 9th and arrived at the post office really quickly! Like, within a week, which is amazingly good for free shipping~

As it has been with my other TOM orders it was packed into a big box. The boxes from TOM actually always seem really big in comparison to the products inside, which is fine~ It was just hard to bike home from the post office carrying such a big box 

Inside the box all the plushies were packed into lil plastic bags to keep them from getting damaged or dirty during shipping~

In this order I got 3 big plushes and two lil keychains~ I really love plushies, especially the Pote Loppy bunny ones~ The new Corohan hamster ones are also really cute tho! And super soft and fluffy~~

I got these two mini charms so that my order could qualify for free shipping~ The Kitty Latte one is for me (I put it on my schoolbag :3) and the lil grey hamster guy was a bday present for my little brother~

 These new guys are really big! As comparison here's my new large sized Pote Loppy bunny with my standard size Loppy bunny~ There are actually more differences between the two sizes however; for example, the fibers for their fur seem to be slightly different. Also, the smaller size has beanie-babies style weighting in it's butt for the assumed purpose of increasing the weight and helping it to sit upright. The larger size doesn't have this; it is just full of fluffiness~

All in all I was super happy with this purchase. The package was shipped super fast and the plushes are soft and adorable!

Group shot!

My second package was shipped June 25 and arrived at the post office June 30! Again, really fast, free shipping~

Bunny friend helping to open the package~

Included in the post was the folder, postcard, and button I have received in every package from TOM~

In this package I got just one plush~ It's another one of the Corohan hamster plushes. Again, it was safely wrapped in plastic wrap~

((I love the lil paws heheh))

Here's a photo for comparison with my other Corohan plush! While they are from the same line, they have some differences between them - even in what seems to be their construction. I don't mind though; I think they're both adorable!

I was also really happy to find out that this guy can hold things in it's lil paws!

Finally, here's a shot of all my plushes from Tokyo Otaku Mode! I have more figures from TOM not pictured here and I've made quite a few orders from them and couldn't recommend them more~ 

Also, if you sign up with my invite link here you'll get 5$ to spend on anything on the site! They have lots of great plushes and figures and merch so please check them out!

Thanks for reading~

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