Thursday, December 10, 2015

☆ Jolyne Kujo Cosplay Overview ☆

Character: Jolyne Kujo
Series: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Hello! So today I thought I'd just do an overview of where I got my Jolyne cosplay!

I actually got it commissioned from Latex Catfish, which is a company specializing in, as the title suggest, latex clothing and bodysuits. I didn't like how any of the other Jolyne costumes that you could buy online looked, and I thought the look of latex would work for Jolyne's outfit so I messaged them!

I decided to use the colorway she has in the Eyes of Heaven game, so I sent them this picture for reference and asked if they could do a custom order!

They said they could, and asked if I could send more photos for reference of the costume so I sent this one as well as I think it's a good one to show off Jolyne's outfit from all angles.

I paid for the outfit on Nov 2 and it was shipped Dec 1. So, it took almost a month to make, but honestly I was expecting longer, so I was pleasantly surprised! I was so excited for the costume to arrive that I immediately tore it open and didn't take any photos of the packaging, but rest assured it was very well packaged.

The costume! I really like how the material looks~ When I first took it out of the bag there was a strong rubber smell. If you're sensitive to strong smells I would be careful about ordering anything latex. The inside of the costume was also powdered to help get it on.

The pants of the outfit are like leggings, and the pattern on them is fantastic. They did a really great job sticking true to the reference photos and the lines on the pattern are straight and perfect.

The straps attached between the pants and top are also really well attached. Well they are thinner I am not worried they will easily break as they, and the rest of the costume, have a lot of give to them. Latex seems to be a reasonably flexible material!

The top of the costume and it's pattern are also really well done and I'm very happy with it. 

The butterfly and heart design is also reasonably good but I might paint over the butterfly later just so I can get the exact marking as on the game photos~

The back of the costume also has a strap that wraps around my back to keep the top in place. The whole top is also a halter top.

Apologies that I don't have any better fully body pics of me wearing the costume right now, but it fits perfectly! It's really tight, but in a way that fits like a glove. If you are planning to get a latex costume, I'd recommend getting someone else to measure you as you can't get precise measurements if you measure yourself. I had my friend do it.

However, it is really hard to get on (and off!) It tends to stick to my skin, which is a property of latex. But, once I do get it on it is really comfortable to wear! I can still move freely in it and I think it looks really good!

I've found that rubbing my skin and the inside of the costume with baby powder before I put it on works wonders for helping it get on and not stick so much to the skin!

Thanks for reading! You can also check out more photos of my Jolyne cosplay one Facebook or Tumblr!

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