Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Elsa Dress Review

❅ Hello! ❅

I recently decided to buy an Elsa cosplay as I thought it might be a fun side job to do kid's birthday parties and such! After much searching I finally found the perfect dress and it just recently arrived!

The dress is from the seller Angel-Secret on eBay and this is the listing for the dress I bought~ 

Firstly, right after I ordered it I sent my measurements through eBay message. The seller messaged me back really quickly, just wanting to know if my height included heels or not, and they were sure friendly and kind in their message! This really gave me the impression that they really were dedicated to making sure my costume was the best they could make it~

On the listing it said it could take up to two weeks to complete the dress, but they shipped it out within in a week which was surprising, but a very nice surprise~ 

Shipping for the dress didn't take long either as it arrived within two weeks of it being shipped! It was well packaged into a tightly sealed package bag

On top of that the dress itself was packaged inside another bag! After I opened the packing bag I couldn't believe how gorgeous the dress looked in real life *0*

The dress is very well made. The top is beaded with rectangular beads and rhinestones to closely resemble the actual movie! They are sewed on sturdily, and do not look like they would come off!

To continue, the colours and fabric used for this dress are so beautiful as well~ They look so perfect and beautiful 

The dress itself fits me extremely well. I have the seller my measurements and they made it perfectly to them; the dress fits me like a glove. The dress has a zipped up the back for ease of getting on. The sleeves on the dress are also lovely detailed and made of stretchy fabric which makes it fit beautifully to my arms~

The Cape for this dress is actually also detachable which is nice as it presents much less of a hassle to get on! It hooks into the dress with two little hooks that are just below the armpits on the bodice of the dress. Those books for the Cape also seems very sturdy~ The cape itself is beautifully printed, with the design on it staying true to the movie. The cape is magically sparkly, but it actually doesn't leave glitter everywhere! 

All in all I absolutely love this dress and I'm super happy with it!

Shipping: 5/5

Customer Service: 5/5

Quality: 5/5

Look: 5/5

Overall: 5/5

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